1A.4 System Administration Appointment of Administrators

Board Policies
Chapter 1 - System Organization and Administration
Section A - System & Office Operations

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Part 1. College and University Administrators. Presidents are appointed by the Board upon the recommendation of the Chancellor. Other college and university administrators shall be appointed by the president.

Part 2. System Office Administrators.

Subpart A. The chancellor shall recommend candidates for deputy and vice chancellor positions for appointment by the Board.

Subpart B. The chancellor shall determine salaries for the positions of deputy and vice chancellors subject to review by the Board of Trustees Executive Committee and approval by the Board of Trustees.

Subpart C. The chancellor shall appoint other system office administrators.

Part 3. Selection.

Subpart A. The Chancellor may appoint an interim or acting deputy chancellor or vice chancellor for a term of up to one year with the option to extend the appointment for up to one additional year.

Subpart B. Except as provided in Subpart C, the chancellor shall establish search committees to assist in the process of reviewing candidates for the positions of deputy or vice chancellor. The committee members shall be knowledgeable of the duties and responsibilities of the position to be filled and broadly representative of the interests of the system.

Subpart C. In the event a consultative process is used, the chancellor shall provide written justification to the Board chair and the chair of the Personnel Policy Committee for that process, and shall consult with system staff, students, and members of the community.

Part 4. Termination. The chancellor may terminate individuals serving as deputy chancellor or vice chancellor after consultation with and approval by the board.

Part 5. Executive Director of Internal Auditing. The Board of Trustees shall appoint and determine the salary for the Executive Director of Internal Auditing. The terms and conditions of the appointments shall be governed by the Personnel Plan for MnSCU Administrators. The chair of the audit committee shall oversee an annual performance evaluation of the Executive Director and shall approve salary adjustments as merited. The annual performance process for the Executive Director shall be similar to the process used for Vice Chancellors. The Board of Trustees may terminate the employment of an individual serving as Executive Director of Internal Auditing in accordance with the Personnel Plan for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Administrators.

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Policy History:

Date of Adoption: 10/19/93,
Date of Implementation: 10/19/93,

Date & Subject of Revisions:

06/15/05 - Amends Part 5 - defines the annual performance and salary adjustment for Executive Director. Also adds termination clause for Executive Director

10/16/02 - Amends Part 5 - deletes Executive Director/Board Secretary.

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