2.6 Intercollegiate Athletics

Board Policies
Chapter 2 -Students

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Part 1. Conference and Division Membership. Consistent with the unique identity and mission of the institution, a college or university may engage in programs of intercollegiate athletics. A college or university may join one or more conferences and add or remove sports after a review of the impact on students and finances and the institution's facilities master plan, Title IX compliance and completion of the student and college/university consultation process. The college or university shall operate according to the rules and standards of the conference as long as such rules are not in conflict with federal or state law, board policies, or system procedure. Adding any sport at the National Collegiate Athletic Association or the National Junior College Athletic Association division one level requires a recommendation from the chancellor and prior approval by the board. A request for board approval of participation in a division one level sport shall be directed to the chancellor or designee and shall include analysis and review of the expected impact on students, institutional and student services finances, the institution's mission and facilities master plan, compliance with equal opportunity requirements, and a report of the consultation process used.

Part 2. Gender Equity in Athletics. The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities are committed to providing equal opportunity in athletics for male and female students. Each college or university with intercollegiate athletics must provide athletic opportunities for male and female students in accordance with federal and state requirements.

Part 3. Student Athlete Health Insurance. Students participating in intercollegiate athletics are required to maintain health insurance through a plan or rider that includes coverage for participation in intercollegiate athletics. Prior to student participation in intercollegiate athletics, colleges and universities must provide adequate written notice to students of the requirement for health insurance..

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Policy History:

Date of Adoption: 5/16/95,
Date of Implementation: 7/01/95,

Date & Subject of Revisions:

03/17/10 - Amends part 1 clarifying that Board approval is required in order to add a sport at the Division 1 level. Amends Part 3 to require student athletes to have adequate health insurance.

12/17/03 - Deleted Part 1. Definitions, Subparts A and B; clarified conference and division membership by colleges and universities (Part 2) and renumbered to Part 1; amended language in Part 3. and renumbered to Part 2.; deleted Part 4.

There is no additional HISTORY for policy 2.6.