Procedure 3.30.1 Community and Technical College Advisory Committees

System Procedures
Chapter 3 - Educational Policies

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for Board Policy 3.30

Part 1. Purpose and Applicability. This procedure establishes standards, processes and conditions that enable consistent implementation of Policy 3.30 Community and Technical College Program Advisory Committees.

Part 2. Definition. The following definition applies to this procedure.

College program advisory committee. A college program advisory committee provides guidance and advice on initial development, accountability, expansion, and closure of academic programs or related program clusters at the college or with related programs at high schools, colleges, and/or universities. A college program advisory committee includes employers, students, and faculty; others may be included.

Part 3. College Program Advisory Committee Policy and Procedure. Each college shall adopt program advisory committee policy and procedure that address the following topics:

  • Purpose
  • Membership, including students appointed in accordance with Board Policy 2.3, size, roles, requisite knowledge and skills, and terms
  • Structure and governance
  • Meeting schedule
  • Work plan and priorities
  • Communications
  • Collaboration, if any
  • Recommendations and documentation
  • Evaluation

Part 4. Oversight and Accountability.

Subpart A. Public accountability. Program advisory committee policy, procedure, work plans, membership, and meeting minutes shall be made available upon request.

Subpart B. Evaluation. Each college shall regularly evaluate its program advisory committees and use the information for continuous improvement of advisory committees.

Subpart C. Reporting. The chancellor shall assess compliance with this policy, post this information on the Web, and consider such findings in presidential evaluations. The assessment shall be based on the college's current advisory committee policy and achievement of the college's work plan for its advisory committees.

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Date of Adoption: 03/25/10,
Date of Implementation: 07/01/10,

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