Procedure 5.12.3 Common Framework of Key Payment Related Dates

System Procedures
Chapter 5 - Administration

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for Board Policy 5.12

Part 1. Authority. Board Policy 5.12 authorizes the establishment of a common due date for final payment of tuition and fees, and other procedures that ensure accountability and accurate reporting.

Part 2. General. General provisions for canceling the registration for students are authorized by Board Policy 5.12. Board Policy 5.12, part 3 requires accountability and reporting for refund, drop, withdrawal, nonattendance, and waiver activity. This accountability requirement extends to both the financial and statistical reporting of colleges and universities. Each college and university has an obligation to implement and follow sound business practices to conserve financial resources and protect financial assets.

Part 3. Registration Cancellation. Using the Registration Cancellation process, colleges and universities shall cancel student registration for all credit courses unless one of the following conditions has been met:

  • The student has paid at least 15% of the Tuition and Fees due or made a $300 down payment towards tuition and fees;
  • An Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) has been received by the college or university;
  • The student has enrolled in an approved tuition and fee payment plan;
  • The student has received an approved deferral at the college or university; or
  • The student has received an approved waiver at least equal to the amount of tuition and fees due.
Colleges and universities have the authority to grant exceptions to the registration cancellation process based on individual student circumstances. For example, a college or university may determine that a student called to active duty or is a veteran awaiting financial aid from the Department of Veterans Affairs should be exempt from the Registration Cancellation process.

Part 4. Tuition and Fee Payment Related Dates. Colleges and Universities are encouraged to implement the following tuition and fee payment related date framework as soon as practical. Ideally implementation will occur for Fall Term 2011, but no later than Fall Term 2012.

  • The financial commitment date is fifteen business days prior to the start of the term. Colleges and universities may begin using the Registration Cancellation process for unpaid credit registrations through the end of the fifth business day of the term.
  • Start of the term is the first day classes are held.
  • Colleges and universities will run the Registration Cancellation process for unpaid credit registrations on the fifth business day of the term.
  • Full payment is due twenty five business days after the start of the term unless the student has obtained an approved tuition and fee payment plan.

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Procedure History:

Date of Adoption: 05/16/06,
Date of Implementation: 08/15/06,

Date and Subject of Revisions:

5/20/11 - Effective fall term of 2012, however, colleges and universities are encouraged to implement earlier if practical. Name change from "Tuition and Fee Payment Due Date" to "Common Framework of Key Payment Related Dates". Replace Part 3, "Registration Cancellation for Nonpayment of Tuition and Fees" with Part 4, "Tuition and Fee Payment Related Dates" which specifies the payment related dates relative to the start of the term. Added Part 3, "Registration Cancellation", clarifying criteria used by the registration cancellation for non-payment process and allowing for individual exceptions granted by the college or university.

There is no additional HISTORY for Procedure 5.12.3.