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Imagine the future that could be…

…a system of community and technical colleges and state universities – one of the largest and most affordable in the nation – welcoming, educating, coaching, and celebrating the successes of highly diverse population of learners; where students choose or design their own programs and pathways to degree completion, learning on campus, online and in the community; where state-of-the-art technology supports high quality programs; where students draw upon courses and academic resources from across our colleges and universities; where most students complete their programs of study in a timely fashion with minimal debt.

…a system of community and technical colleges and state universities deeply connected to their communities, serving students, employers, and communities across Minnesota – and beyond; colleges and universities that market and recruit together statewide and are the preferred provider for companies, workers, and communities looking for consulting, educational programs, or training services; colleges and universities that are overwhelmed by the number of generous donors stepping up to contribute equipment and gifts to support programs and students; colleges and universities whose alumni stand as proud and public advocates; colleges and universities that are enriched, not diminished by collaboration with their colleagues throughout the state.

…a system of community and technical colleges and state universities actively seizing the opportunities and sharing the positive results of highly collaborative planning and implementation – stronger reputation, better service to students, lower costs, increased revenue, and greater efficiencies; a system led by effective leadership and a trusted Board of Trustees that demands accountability and results; a system well-known for shared decision making, effective problem solving and transparency; a system supported by efficient and cost-effective statewide infrastructure; a system with up-to-date facilities and technology supported by private investment as well as taxpayer dollars.