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Chemistry Teaching

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The Chemistry Teaching major at Metropolitan State University provides students with the science content coursework necessary for obtaining the Minnesota Science Teaching License with chemistry specialty. This license provides certification to teach chemistry classes in grades 9-12 and science classes in grades 5-8 including earth science and physical science. Students seeking licensure must complete the Chemistry Education program which includes the Chemistry Teaching Major administered by the Department of Natural Sciences and additional requirements and coursework through the university's School of Urban Education.
The Chemistry Teaching major provides a broad foundation in biology, chemistry, physics, earth science and mathematics followed by advanced study in chemistry. This includes courses pertaining to understanding the chemical and physical properties and compositional changes of substances as well as disciplinary methods for teaching chemistry.
In addition to overall university graduation requirements, each student must complete 60 credits in the major including at least 20 upper division credits and 23 credits from Metropolitan State University. For licensure purposes, students must also complete 30 credits of professional education credits. Please contact the School of Urban Education for information about the education program requirements. All prerequisite and required courses must be completed with grades of C- or above.
Transfer coursework equivalency is determined by the Department of Natural Science. Each foundation science course must include at least one semester credit of professionally supervised physical laboratory experience with standard undergraduate laboratory equipment and materials. Lower-division (100- and 200-level) courses are not accepted as equivalent to upper-division courses and cannot be used to fulfill upper division core requirements in the major.

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  • Metropolitan State University, St Paul Campus 55106
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Metropolitan State University
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