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CNC Swiss Turning Center Technician

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About this Program

Swiss-type lathes are a specialized type of lathe used for machining high precision parts in large quantities. They are capable of producing very small parts with many operations in one chucking. The productivity of the Swiss-type lathe is very high as the machine can perform many operations in one setting that would typically require two or more machines to produce. Swiss-type lathes have been an asset to the growing medical device industry. Production of the tiny implantable, high precision parts made from exotic materials like titanium are a good fit for these machines. Skills needed for setup and operation of Swiss-type lathes include basic machining skills and a knowledge of CNC Swiss-type machining centers. Prerequisite: Graduation from or concurrent enrollment in a 2 year machine tool program or a minimum or 2 years of related work experience.

Classroom Location(s)

  • Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park 55445
Hennepin Technical College
Hennepin Technical College
9000 Brooklyn Blvd. Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
Local: (952) 995-1300

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