Emergency Plans and Procedures

Bomb Threat

Procedure/Action to Take

  1. Dial *57 on your phone immediately after a bomb threat to trace the call.
  2. Remain calm. Use the attached Telephone Checklist to record information concerning the bomb threat. Have this list ready for the authorities.
  3. Call 9-911 (9 to get an outside line and then 911) and building security 651-298-9882. Give the following information to both:
    1. State "I have received a bomb threat."
    2. Company name: Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.
    3. Address: 30 East 7th Street.
    4. Floor and suite number.
    5. Give the name and phone number of the person who received the call.
  4. After you have made the above calls, notify the following:
    • Tracy Worsley, Emergency Procedures Director 651-201-1797 or Sheila Reger, Director of Personnel 651-201-1841
  5. DO NOT touch suspicious objects if found.
  6. See Evacuation Procedure

Background Information

This is what happens during a bomb threat:

  • Police and building personnel are notified.
  • A search is made by police and/or building personnel.
  • Building security and system office management will determine if evacuation is necessary.
  • If evacuation is advised, floor monitors will assist emergency personnel with the orderly evacuation of the building. Follow the posted Evacuation Procedures.
  • The police or bomb squad will contact and question the person who received the bomb threat.
  • An "all clear" will be given when authorized by building management.

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