Emergency Plans and Procedures

Emergency Evacuation Procedure/Action to Take

  1. Remain calm and quiet and follow instructions from floor monitors and/or the building PA system.
  2. Persons who are mobility or sensory impaired must be accompanied by two attendants and be moved close to the nearest stairwell. One attendant will stay with the impaired person. The other attendant will notify emergency personnel as to where the person is waiting.
  3. Advise all visitors and guests in your area about the evacuation procedure.
  4. DO NOT use elevators. Use stairwells. Exit the building via the nearest stairwell. Use handrail and keep to the right. If you need assistance, tell your floor monitor. Hint: Remove high heeled shoes when going down the stairs.
  5. DO NOT run or react in any way that will cause alarm or panic.
  6. DO NOT block stairwells, vestibules or doors. Move out of the way of emergency personnel going up the stairs.
  7. Leave the building immediately. Cross 7th Street to the open, grassy area adjacent to the parking ramp. Report to your floor monitor or work group.
  8. DO NOT try to return to the building until an "all clear" is given by the building authority.

Background Information

Whether an evacuation from Wells Fargo Place is necessary may be decided by one or all of the following:

  • System office leadership
  • Building management (Unilev Management Corp.)
  • Local fire department

Emergency Evacuation Procedures are posted by all stairwell doors within the system office space at Wells Fargo Place.

It is the responsibility of each employee to know who their floor monitor is, as well as the alternate monitor on their floor. Floor monitors will be wearing a blaze orange vest and/or hard hat so they are easy to identify.

If you have guests in the building, be sure to assist them with evacuation. They may not be familiar with the building and will need your assistance.

During an emergency evacuation, elevators are captured to the ground floor and will not respond to your call. Always use the stairwells to evacuate the building during an emergency.

All stairwell doors in the Wells Fargo Place tower are equipped with an alarm contact and are self-locking.

During an emergency evacuation, only the stairwells for the floors that are being evacuated will be unsecured. If the tenants on other floors in the tower are not being evacuated, their doors will remain secure and you will not be able to get out of the stairwell and onto those floors.

Ground level stairwell doors will always allow you to exit from the stairway to the outside.


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