Emergency Plans and Procedures


Procedure/Action to Take

  1. If you discover a fire, DO NOT attempt to fight the fire.
  2. Call the emergency number 9-911 (9 to get an outside line, then 911) and the Office of the Building Management at 651-229-2800. Have the following information available:
    1. Building name: Wells Fargo Place
    2. Address: 30 7th Street East
    3. Floor number and suite number
    4. Details of the fire emergency
  3. Next:
    • Notify Tracy Worsley, Emergency Procedure Director 651-201-1797 or the receptionist 651-201-1800.
  4. If evacuation is necessary, see full Evacuation Procedures posted by each stairway door.

    See Emergency Evacuation

  5. DO NOT use the elevators. Elevators will not respond. Use stairwells to evacuate.

Background Information

When a fire triggers the sprinklers, heat or smoke detection systems, the fire alarm will sound on the fire floor and the floor directly above and the floor directly below it.

This is what happens in a fire emergency:
  • Fire department is notified
  • Wells Fargo Place building management will respond
  • Professional help is on the way
  • Employees will be notified if evacuation is necessary

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