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Harassing/Threatening Phone Calls

Procedure/Action to Take

  1. Treat all personal threats seriously - never consider a threat a prank!
  2. Keep the caller talking and listen carefully to get as much information as possible.
    1. Write down what the caller says.
    2. Be alert for distinguishing background sounds (music, traffic, bells, etc.).
    3. Note any voice characteristics (gender, age, stutters, accent, drunk, slang).
    4. Ask for caller's name.
  3. Without alarming the caller, try to alert a co-worker about the call so they can alert your supervisor and building security.
  4. When the caller hangs up, press *57 to trace the call. Then call building security 651-298-9882.
  5. Employees receiving a personal threat on voice mail should save the message, and alert their supervisor.
  6. Employees receiving a personal threat via written or graphic material should save all materials, including envelopes or containers. Alert supervisor.
  7. The target individual should report the threat to the police.
  8. Employees receiving a threat directed at another individual must notify their supervisor.

Telephone Checklist for Bomb Threat

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