Emergency Plans and Procedures

For emergency/security

Building security: 651-298-9882

Unilev Management Corp. maintains 24-hour a day, 7-day a week in-house security for Wells Fargo Place office tenants. Security officers regularly patrol all areas of the building.

System office address

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
30 7th St. E., Ste. 350
Saint Paul MN 55101-7804


Chancellor or Designee

  1. Approve the plan and any necessary revisions
  2. Direct implementation of the plan

Emergency Procedures Director

  1. Develop, advise implementation, and maintain the emergency plan.
  2. Coordinate implementation of the plan with WFP Operations Department.
  3. Appoint and train floor monitors, mobility impaired attendants, and maintain a list of their names and phone numbers
  4. Coordinate training sessions for employees.
  5. After receiving a bomb threat, determine in consultation with WFP Security and system office management whether to order an evacuation or relocation.

Floor Monitors

  1. Coordinate prompt relocation or evacuation during an emergency.
  2. During a relocation or evacuation, make sure the stairways are smoke free, and if safe to do so, conduct a final floor check to ensure that everyone has evacuated, all doors are closed and mobility impaired employees are safe.
  3. Ensure that aisles and exits are clear and report problems to supervisor or manager.
  4. Maintain a current roster of employees in assigned area. Following relocation or evacuation procedure, verify that all employees have left the area.
  5. Read and understand the Emergency Plan and Procedures document and attend required training.

Mobility Impaired Attendants

  1. Assist with the relocation or evacuation of mobility impaired employees.
  2. Attend required training.

Managers and Supervisors

  1. Ensure that all employees under their supervision understand the emergency procedures.
  2. When evacuation or relocation is required, help floor monitors in accounting for area employees at the relocation area.
  3. Ensure that each mobility impaired employee has two attendants assigned to help during an emergency.
  4. Ensure that all employees under their supervision relocate or evacuate when alarm signal sounds. If any employee refuses to leave, report name to the Emergency Procedures Director or designee.
  5. Attend required training.


  1. Leave the building when the fire alarm is activated or when instructed to relocate.
  2. Assist visitors or contractors in your area.
  3. Attend required training.

Wells Fargo Place Security and Operations Departments

  1. Maintain building fire protection, detection, suppression systems and provide, maintain and post accurate evacuation floor diagrams for each floor.
  2. Notify Emergency Procedures Director in case of fire, severe weather or bomb threat or any other circumstance which could jeopardize the safety of system office employees.

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
30 7th St. E., Ste. 350
Saint Paul MN 55101-7804

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