Emergency Plans and Procedures

Tornado/Severe Weather

Procedure/Action to Take

  1. If you hear the sirens or are informed over the public address system of severe weather approaching, please take the following actions.
  2. Get away from the perimeter of the building and exterior glass.
  3. Leave your exterior office - close the door. If you are caught in an outside perimeter office: Seek protection under a desk. Protect yourself from flying glass.
  4. If you are in transit in the building: Do not go to the first floor lobby, skyways or outside the building.
  5. Go to the nearest stairwell and stay there until the "all clear" is given.
  6. Security personnel will arrive and help as soon as possible.

Background Information

A tornado warning is an alert by the National Weather Service confirming a tornado sighting and location. Winds will be 75 mph or greater. The Weather Service will announce the approximate time of detection and direction of movement.

Public warning will come over the radio, TV, or there will be five (5) minute steady blasts of sirens by the Ramsey County Civil Defense Warning System.

An "all clear" will be given over the public address system when the National Weather Service authorizes it.

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