About Minnesota State

Serving nearly 400,000 students, Minnesota State is the fourth largest system of two-year colleges and four-year universities in the nation with 30 colleges, 7 universities, and 54 campuses. We are also proud to partner with businesses throughout the state and beyond...

Students and employers alike can rest assured Minnesota State provides a high quality education. Our colleges and universities are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and many of the academic programs offered have received specialized accreditations. Our faculty, too, are credentialed, experienced, and dedicated.

Minnesota State not only offers over 3,700 academic programs, but also offers the most affordable tuition in the state. The average annual tuition and fees for a full-time student at a Minnesota State college is $5,364, and $8,028 at a Minnesota State university.

Extraordinary Facts

  • We serve 396,000 students annually.
  • Our colleges and universities serve more students of color, first-generation college students, and students of modest financial means than anyone else in the state, including:

    • 63,400 Students of Color and American Indian Students
    • 48,500 First-Generation College Students
    • 84,000 Low-Income Students
    • 95,000 Students Aged 25 or Older
    • 10,000 Veterans and Servicemembers
  • We offer the lowest tuition in Minnesota, with Minnesota State colleges one-third the cost of private trade schools and Minnesota State universities one-half the cost of the University of Minnesota and one-fifth the cost of private colleges and universities.
  • Our colleges and universities have 54 campuses that are conveniently located throughout Minnesota, as well as online options.
  • We provide more than 3700 academic programs, including nearly 600 offered entirely online.
  • We award more than 40,000 degrees, certificates, and diplomas annually.
  • 85% of graduates are employed in a field related to their degree program.
  • Our colleges and universities produce more graduates for jobs in critical, high-demand fields such as health care and information technology than anyone else in the state.
  • Our colleges and universities developed 106 new and innovative programs to meet workforce demand during FY16
  • We employ more than 16,000 dedicated faculty and staff focused on student success.
  • We provide essential training and specialized certification options for business, industry, and professionals throughout Minnesota:

    • 2,000 business and organizations partner with us.
    • 15,380 customized and specialized training, occupational, and professional classes are offered through Minnesota State
    • 126,000+ students take customized training or continuing education courses
  • Our colleges and universities have more than 28 million square feet of facility space, which is equivalent to five Malls of America.
  • We provide a skilled workforce, including:

    • 9 out of 10 mechanics
    • 9 out of 10 in manufacturing
    • 8 out of 10 in law enforcement
    • 7 out of 10 in trades
    • 7 out of 10 in agriculture
    • 4 out of 10 in business
    • 3 out of 4 nurses
    • 1 out of 2 teachers
    • 1 out of 2 IT professionals


The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system of distinct and collaborative institutions offers higher education that meets the personal and career goals of a wide range of individual learners, enhances the quality of life for all Minnesotans and sustains vibrant economies throughout the state.


The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system will enable the people of Minnesota to succeed by providing the most accessible, highest value education in the nation.


Strategic Framework for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Charting the Future for a Prosperous Minnesota


Accountability Dashboard - The Accountability Dashboard for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system is designed to track progress in reaching the system's strategic goals and to encourage continuous improvement of system institutions.